• High Efficiency, Tri-Fuel
    Water Heaters

    frac fluid heating specialists
  • environmentally friendly
    & highly efficient

    our units operate at 90-95% efficiency
  • top of the line, reliable
    water heating units

    exceptionally engineered & expertly maintained

Speed & Efficiency

Burner Energy offers rapid turn-arounds & delivery. Get one of our units deployed for your site today.

Welcome to Burner Energy

Burner Energy is a locally owned and operated company serving the oil and gas industry in Alberta. Our water heaters are top of the line and serviced/supported by local technicians.

Our Water Heater Units

Burner Energy water heating units operate at 90-95% thermal heating efficiency. These units are also non-pressurized systems, meaning boiler tickets are not required.

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Performance & Specifications

Our heating units boast low CO2 emissions and are amongst the most environmentally friendly in the industry. They're also amongst the most efficient and high-performance water heating units available.

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Our Equipment


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