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Fuel Comparison information on our 95% efficient, 25 Million BTU Burner Energy Heaters

Burner heater units burn 500L an hour on diesel. In 24 hours we burn 12000L = $10200.00 in a 24 hour period.

Our units burn 700L and hour on Propane, price with cartage all in is $0.36/L. In 24 hours we burn 16800L = $6048.00 in a 24 hour period.

There is about a 40% difference in fuel usage using the example above. Propane is at $0.36/L = then $0.36/L x 40% = $0.504/L diesel equivalent.

Leading competitor quote of $0.62/L Diesel equivalent – March 1st - 2016 12000L of diesel in a 24hr period is 12000L x $0.62/L = $7440.00

Diesel equivalent in all fuels the costs are as follows: Diesel = $0.85/L NAT GAS = $0.62L Propane = $0.50/L

With our super b bulker, a heater can burn for 90 hours straight.

We are a water bath system running 95% efficiency, whereas the big square units could use up to 50%+ more fuel than our units (depending on size), most running at 50-60% efficiency. We can heat equally as fast as a 35 million BTU propane Rush unit, burning 1200L per hour of propane to our 700L per hour (about 70% more).

Costs for 24 hours of burning with the most cost efficient fuel as follows: $9600.00 for Burner 24hrs ($400hr) $6048.00 for propane in 24hrs (700L at $0.36/L) $15648.00 per 24 hours. $652/hr fuel and burner.

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About Burner Energy Services

Burner Energy is a locally owned and operated company that provides high-capacity, dual-fuel water heaters throughout Alberta. Our water heaters are top of the line and serviced/supported by local technicians. There are several benefits to choosing Burner Energy water heaters. First, their units are stamped with peace of mind, having been manufactured in North America. Second, Burner can accommodate rush jobs and often provide a rapid turnaround and availability where its' competitiors cannot. Lastly, Burner water heating units boast low CO2 emissions and are amongst the most environmentally friendly in the industry.

Efficiency & Reliability

Burner Energy water heating units operate at 90-95% thermal heating efficiency. These units are also non-pressurized systems, meaning boiler tickets are not required. Our units have dual-fuel capabilities and are equipped with 2 gen sets and 9200L of on board diesel fuel capacity - good for 16 hours of burn time. Our qualified technicians are available for support when you need them, 24/7.


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